Choybalsan Bubash: Invariably you want a lot more for the work than the client thinks it's worth.

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I saw a first date the other night. Not mine, some other folks. And Im not an eavesdropper, mind you, these things are immediately obvious. A cute couple, amazingly attractive, and they wanted to connect with each other. But they couldnt, you could so easily tell he wore that constant smile of overinterest. And then he coughing nonsmoker, mind you lit up a cigarette for himself from her case, because she started smoking. It was sad. I am hereby starting a crusade of Hotly Adventurous First Dates, starting with you. Your writer is slender, cleancut, and relaxed in the way you wish the guy above could have been as well as your exboyfriend. Also unlike your last boyfriend I do a good job of asking for what I need in a relationship and calling you out when youre being awful. Im comfortable in my own skin and adept at the little things. I make my living from perceiving the nuance of human emotion and I am happy to discuss feelingsyours or my own. Speaking of humans, I adore our imperfect natures and if I like you enough your flaws will become charms in my eyes. I love my work, it requires a suit, a professional license, and an oath to keep secrets. I excel at all these things, and they each benefit you especially the part about discretion. I also like to listen, and I will care about and remember what you have to say. Dont let the suit distract you from my diversity, though. I have many helpful talents. I can fix most anything around the house build things nourish plants play music. I canand haverepaired vibrators. I could probably even install a stripper pole in your garage, if you like that sort of thing. Like everyone, I have quirks. Im part ethnic, and therefore somewhat exotic looking like that guy who played Superman on Clark Lois, yeah, JUST like THAT guy. I have spectacles on my face and the crossword in my work bag. Im indoorsy though I have a deep appreciation of nature. I favor art walks to camping cooking to eating fashion over drinking to excess ele

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